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I was always fascinated by the olive tree.  Its rich history, the many meanings it signifies, and the wide range of benefits this tiny stone fruit provides.  Olive Oil is special because there is so much effort and care needed to make it in its is pristine form: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). There is no other fruit that undergoes this process. The outcome is special and short lived. The longer EVOO is unconsumed, the faster its properties fade. It reminds me that the most precious things in life are fragile; life its self.


I decided to import my father's EVOO from Crete, Greece, and work with other growers and regional farmers, who care deeply for their olive groves.

With a goal of packaging some of the finest olive oils that exist, it makes me proud that, thanks to sharing the dream of other growers, I can both give back to the community that raised me, and provide for others a product I passionately believe in.

From the OLIVE JUG Family,

Nick K. Frantzeskakis

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