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Single Origin: Crete

Early Harvest

Single Region: Kolymvari

Low Acidity: 0.0 - 0.3

Single Cultivar: Koroneiki

Cold Extraction (Modern Cold Press)

OLIVE JUG? It's very simple. Our story is in the bottle. Our oil is backed by the island of Crete, the largest island of Greece in the Mediterranean who has been producing world class Extra Virgin Olive Oil for over 3500 years.


Extra virgin olive oil has been in the Cretian culture for over 3500 years and is home to the worlds oldest living olive tree (Vouves), estimated to be over 3000 years old. Believed to be the origin of the olive tree, olive trees flourish in the island of Crete with roots that run deep into the soil and cover over 65% percent of the Island terrain and is one of the largest producing islands of Olive Oil in the Mediterranean. 

We are proud to offer Authentic World-Class Cretian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 


This olive oil is fused with passion and care, to create a high quality aromatic extra virgin olive oil.

Taste, Feel and Experience the Difference

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